Seveno mid-season bugle

Casuals game Sadly for the second time this season rain scuppered our clash with old rivals The Occasional Casuals, but not before 14 overs were bowled - and very eventful they were too. Rob gave OCCC Skip Rowan a bit of a going over and he’ll have plenty of Purple Anchor shaped bruises to show off this

League Team? They’re Not In Our League (Seveno vs St Luke’s: 14 June, 2014)

The much awaited match of the season, Seveno CC playing against a new team famous for playing league matches of their own. The day comes and the weather starts off with typical English style predicting a bit of rain before the match starts. No pitch invasion on this occasion and the ground wasn’t double-let either! Randy

Seveno smash their way to maiden victory for 2014 (Seveno vs London Itinerants, June 7, 2014)

Seveno upset the odds to pull off their first victory against London Itinerants – and their first victory of the 2014 season – by bludgeoning their way to a huge total of 261 off 35 overs. The day started badly with a heavy thunderstorm across South London. Thankfully the rain gods performed like a Seveno

A win! A bloody win!

Yes, Seveno finally struck up our first win of the 2014 season. Full match report to follow. @sevenocricket oppo are serenading us with a gramophone!!! How very English!!! — Randy Rann (@Randy_Rann) June 7, 2014 Drinks break on Barnes Common. Seveno have recovered to 134 for 4 off 18 overs. Savio and CK putting

A Game of Two Halves

The phrase “a game of two halves” has been bafflingly associated with football for many years. It’s baffling not because it’s false, just that it’s a phase that could so better spend its time attached to Cricket. Attached to football it’s a banality – but in Seveno’s case, it’s our downfall. But I’m getting ahead

Establishment Rocked By Purple Gains

After our ridiculous last-ball leg-bye victory against Southwark & Lambeth Imperial College Cricket Club a few years ago, normal order has been resumed and they have held the upper hand in our battles since. However with a purple haze descending on all of us at the minute, there was a shift in power yesterday, but

Seveno lose to Team Mitcham

Seveno lost out by 2 wickets yesterday to Team Mitcham. Rob top-scored with a brilliant 37 from about 15 balls but everyone contributed to a fine game of cricket, played in a great spirit. After Qais’s John Cage-inspired postmodern masterpiece, James will be writing the match report this week. We will be rotating reporting duties again this season

Today’s match vs Occasional Casuals CANCELLED

Sadly today’s match against Occasional Casuals, due to take place on Parliament Hill Fields, has been cancelled because the pitch is waterlogged.

Mackrell’s 7-8 does Seveno up like a kipper

Seveno’s season didn’t exactly get off to a flying start yesterday. In fact, Qais’s match report in its entirety is the headline above. It’s probably best to tell the story in Twitter form: Seveno are fielding first against battersea badgers. Badgers 50-2 off 20 overs. Drinks taken at fall of 2nd wicket off bowling of

Pre-season Seveno Bugle

Season 2014 is upon us, so here’s the latest news bulletin to awaken us from our slumber. I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but I feel a full scale bugle call is necessary as we are merely a week and a bit from the start of the much awaited 2014 season. After just two